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Magnificent Mosaics Coloring Book

Великолепные мозаики . Добро пожаловать в творческий мир современной мозаики, 30 черно-белых интригующих мотивов, для творчества колористов и источник вдохновения для дизайнеров. Exploding geometric shapes. impressive abstracts. interesting motifs. Welcome to the inventive international of recent mosaic layout, a conventional paintings that dates again to precedent days.

Dinosaurs Eye to Eye

Get a prey's-eye view of a fearsome Allosaurus, take a too-close-for-comfort examine an Oviraptor's bone-crushing jaws, and notice what it'd be wish to bounce, wing-to-wing, with a flock of Pterodactylus. delivering a zoomed-in come upon with dozens of the main remarkable creatures ever to stroll, stalk, swim, or fly around the prehistoric planet, Dinosaurs Eye to Eye is filled with remarkable imagery that brings kids face-to-face with dinosaurs and different extraordinary prehistoric creatures.

Cool Sewing for Kids. A Fun and Creative Introduction to Fiber Art

Find out about the fundamentals of fiber arts whereas developing cool stuff. The Cool stitching for children identify teaches the 1st steps of ways to stitch. actions may help little ones use what they realized to make a pillow, a tote bag, a machine pouch and extra. customized how-to images and simple step by step directions make crafting a blast.

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Bottle and Cup Markers Here is what you need: pen poster board craft foam in different colors for each marker you make scissors suction cups with small hooks on end Here is what you do: Use the pen to draw a simple 3-inch (8-cm) flower shape on the poster board. Cut the shape out to use as a pattern. Use the pen to trace the flower pattern on each color of craft foam you are using. 28 Cut each flower out. Remove the hook from each suction cup. Use the pen to poke a tiny hole in the center of each flower.

To make a hanger for your wreath, punch a hole just above the rim of the dome. Fold the ribbon in half and attach as shown. Snap the dome lid on over the grass, decorations, and hanger to secure them. You might want to collect one or more additional sets of decorations to give with the wreath. Place each set in a plastic sandwich bag and tie it with a ribbon. 43 Make a set of magnets for your mom or dad! Eraser Magnets Here is what you need: strip of stickyback magnet scissors three or more pony beads four or more small buttons white craft glue ruler red, green, and gold thin craft ribbon box of different-colored pencil-end erasers Here is what you do to make the vase magnet: To make a vase of flowers, cut five 11⁄2- to 2-inch (4- to 5-cm) pieces of the green craft ribbon, and tuck into the opening of an eraser.

36 Glue the edge of the second umbrella over the edge of the first umbrella. Cut a 12-inch long (30-cm) piece of the craft ribbon. Tie the ends of the ribbon together. Wrap the folded end of the ribbon around the top of one of the umbrellas. Slip the knotted end through the loop, pulling it tight to create a hanger. Secure the hanger to the tip of the umbrella with glue. This little gift will make your mom’s or dad’s car smell wonderful! 37 Make this clever card for your dad! Handsome Dad Father’s Day Card Here is what you need: white and green 9- by 12-inch (23- by 30-cm) construction paper white craft glue printed paper in two complementary patterns scissors markers Here is what you do: ruler Fold the green construction paper in half to make a 6- by 9-inch (15- by 23-cm) card.

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