Ancient Israelites and Their Neighbors: An Activity Guide by Marian Broida

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By Marian Broida

Children can attempt their hand at re-creating historical Israelite culture—along with the cultures in their associates, the Philistines and Phoenicians—in a manner that might offer viewpoint on present occasions. The ebook covers a key interval from the Israelites’ payment in Canaan in 1200 B.C.E. to their go back from exile in Babylonia in 538 B.C.E. This a part of the center East—no higher than modern day Michigan—was the birthplace of Judaism, Christianity, and Islam. greater than 35 tasks comprise stomping grapes into juice, construction a version Phoenician buying and selling send, creating a Philistine headdress, and writing on a damaged clay pot. Israelites', Phoenicians', and Philistines' writing and languages, the best way they equipped their houses, the nutrients they ate, the garments they wore, and the paintings they did, and naturally, their many attention-grabbing tales, are all explored.

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For flavoring, the Israelites used olive oil and salt, and probably herbs and spices such as cumin, coriander, dill, sage, mint, and thyme. In the Bible, Ruth dipped her bread in vinegar. Israelites probably also spread bread with honey, date jam, or grape juice boiled down into syrup. Ancient Israelites wouldn’t have recognized a potato, tomato, peanut, orange, lemon, or green pepper. All these foods came into the region much later. It’s sad to think the Israelites never tasted chocolate. Grapes and Olives The olive tree and the grapevine gave the Israelites many different foods.

Overlap the edges you just cut and pin into a floppy cone shape. Measure and cut a final piece of fabric into a rectangle about 4 inches by 8 inches (10 x 20 cm). Cut fringes in one end. Pin the other end to the cone’s edge. Put the cone on your head with the fringed end hanging over your right ear. Have your friend wrap the long strip around and around your head, sometimes going over the top of your head, until your hair is hidden. Tuck in the ends securely. E. Wear a dress, headscarf (page 22), and sandals or bare feet.

Soot from the bottom of cooking pots, sometimes mixed with iron, water, and a sticky substance from plants, formed their ink. Seals Seals are small hard objects carved with their owner’s names and perhaps a picture—backward. Often made of bone, stone, ivory, or even gems, a seal let the owner put a “signature” on something made of clay. Here’s one example: the owner would stamp the seal onto the handle of a not-quite-dry clay jar. Because the name on the seal was written backward, it would come out forward on the jar.

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