Ancient Ethics by Susan Suave Meyer

Greek Roman

By Susan Suave Meyer

This can be the 1st complete advisor and purely sizeable undergraduate point creation to historical Greek and Roman ethics.It covers the moral theories and positions of all of the significant philosophers (including  Socrates, Plato and Aristotle) and faculties (Stoics and Epicureans) from the earliest instances to the Hellenistic philosophers, studying their major arguments and assessing their legacy. This e-book maps the rules of this key zone, that's the most important wisdom around the disciplines and crucial for a variety of readers.

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Thus the rudimentary city will consist of farmers, builders, shoemakers, and the like – who, if each can specialize in his own profession, and trade the results with the others, will make everyone better off than if each tried, in isolation, to provide all these goods for himself (369d–e). Of course people want not just the bare necessities of life, but also luxuries, as Glaucon is quick to point out (372c). Socrates responds by 25 ANCIENT ETHICS enlarging the range of occupations to be pursued in the city to include barbers, beauticians, swineherds, actors, hunters and more (373a–c).

359a–b). If a political leader abides by those laws and refrains from taking advantage of his 24 PLATO AND THE PURSUIT OF EXCELLENCE public office to enrich himself at the public expense, then he is benefiting the other citizens rather than himself (Rep. 343c–344b). Indeed by justly refusing to use his political influence to advance his own interests, he is worse off than he would be if he had acted unjustly (343e; cf. 358e–359b). Thus injustice, if one can get away with it (whether by force or by guile), is more to a ruler’s advantage than justice (344b–c).

Rhetoric of the kind celebrated by Gorgias and Polus is only an ingratiating imitation of the genuine political craft (Gorg. 463a–d; cf. 481d–e; Euthd. 289e–290a). While Plato recognizes that persuasion is an important tool to be used by the true statesman (politikos), his dominant speakers consistently maintain that its use must be subordinated to the statesman’s goal of caring for the polis and its citizens (Stsm. 303e–304d; cf. 305d; Euthd. 289c–d). The practice of rhetoric, on this view, must be governed by the norms of justice.

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