Amazing Human Body (Dk) by Richard Walker

Science Studies

By Richard Walker

Readers embark on an exquisite voyage via human biology and notice the body’s bits and bobs as they’ve by no means visible them prior to. starting with the elemental development blocks, carrying on with to the physique in motion, and concluding with the body’s platforms, this can be a compact and entire examine the beauty that's the human laptop.

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This 3-D ultrasound scan also shows the umbilical cord (centre) that carries blood to and from the foetus. 53 Q What are genes? A set of 23 chromosomes contains A the instructions, called genes, required to build and run cells and, therefore, the human body. Every chromosome carries many genes. Each gene consists of a short section of the long, coiled DNA molecule that makes up the chromosome. A gene’s DNA holds the coded information needed to make one of the many proteins that make your body work.

18 Corbis: Wally McNamee (c). 19 Corbis: Dan McCoy - Rainbow/ sphygmomanometer 47 spinal cord 32, 33 stem cells 11 stethoscope 45 stirrup bone 37 stomach 23, 24—25, 46 acid 24, 49 sutures 14, 57 swallowing 23 sweat 12, 13, 29, 49, 57 sweat glands 13, 57 synovial fluid 18 Q T t’ai chi 58 tarsals 14 taste 38—39 taste buds 38 tears 35, 49 teeth 22, 23 telomeres 58 temperature, body 49 tendons 17 thermography 19 thighs 14, 18 thirst 29 thymus gland 48 tissues 11 tongue 22, 23, 38, 55 tonsils 48 trachea see windpipe triceps 19 twins 54 Science Faction (bc).

36 Science Photo Library: Steve Gschmeissner (bc). 37 Corbis: Wally McNamee (cr). Getty Images: Digital Vision / James Woodson (c); Workbook Stock / Thierry Grun (bc). Science Photo Library: Susumu Nishinaga (cl). 38 Science Photo Library: (bl). 39 Corbis: Amanaimages (bc). Getty Images: Iconica / Jeffrey Coolidge (tr); StockFood Creative / Ian Garlick (cr). Science Photo Library: Steve Gschmeissner (c). 40-41 Corbis: Visuals Unlimited. 42 Science Photo Library: Steve Gschmeissner (br). 43 Science Photo Library: NIBSC (tl); Antonia Reeve (tr).

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