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Iland FACTS T S FA Th a S: SSIL FIND FO Despite its weight, Isanosaurus walked on its toes. NAME MEANS: “northern Thailand lizard” DATE: 216–199 mya TRIASSIC JURASSIC CRETACEOUS 65 251 MYA 199 145 DIET : He rbivore Skeletal evidence The fossils of Isanosaurus are among the earliest known of any sauropod. Only a few bones have survived, but the tall-spined vertebrae are not like those of earlier prosauropods, and its thighbones are straighter and more like those of later giants. So scientists are confident that it is one of the first true sauropods.

This explains its odd name. One hundred years later, some scientists suggested that the plates absorbed or lost heat, depending on how the animal stood, helping it regulate its temperature. Most scientists now think they were display features, like flamboyant bird plumage. rbivore The plates were not part of the skeleton but were attached to the skin by pads of tough cartilage. They were probably sheathed with horny keratin. The plates of some stegosaurs were paired, but Stegosaurus plates formed an alternating double row.

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