Agricultural Policy Formation in the European Community: The by MICHEL PETIT, MICHELE DE BENEDICTIS, DENIS BRITTON, MARTIJN



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These were viewed as particularly hard on France because milk production had increased there less rapidly than in other countries such as the Netherlands, Denmark, Germany or the UK. In addition, on average, milk yields were still lower than in other Northern European countries, and less advantage had been taken of cheap, imported feed such as manioc, soybean and 38 corngluten feed than in the Netherlands or Northern Germany by dairy producers located close to major harbours (Rotterdam or Hamburg).

At its November 14-15 meeting the Agricultural Council seemed to behave as foreseen in Agra-Europefs analysis. Feeling that agricultural reform in general was too complicated to present to the summit meeting in Athens, the Ministers selected four key dossiers (milk, cereals, MCAs, and oils and fats) for discussion there. e. after the Athens summit. This meant that issues which were important to Italy would not be discussed at Athens. - On November 29 the French Minister for Economics, J. Delors, launched a new CAP budget plan.

At its meeting on 11 to 13, 15 and 17 march, the Council was able to agree on the elements of a package comprising the control of milk production and the dismantling of MCAs on the one hand and agricultural prices and related measures for 1984/1985 on the other". However, the implementation of this agreement was conditional on the right balance being struck by the European Council in its decisions on agricultural problems, control of budget spending, its own resources and new policies. The European Council (summit), meeting on 19 and 20 March, was unable to reach a n overall agreement, in particular because there was no settlement of the budget rebate to the United Kingdom or of the question of applying milk quotas in Ireland, whose delegation took the view that this was a matter of "vital interest".

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