After the Planners by Robert Goodman

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By Robert Goodman

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According to Lundborg: We don’t necessarily have to buy everything the young people are saying. . We do have an obligation, not only to them but also to ourselves, to listen to what they are saying and to examine it in terms of our own selves. 3 And according to Humphrey: I think this younger generation has got something to say to us, and I’m not sure that what they say all the time is 54 necessarily the final word. I always believed in the right of a person to speak. 4 55 INTRODUCTION That is, those in power can afford to let everybody talk as much as they like because in the end they decide who should be taken seriously.

Ch. I, pp. 70-71. 38 INTRODUCTION TO THE BRITISH EDITION If technological progress is going to create new markets, new demand-patterns and new techniques of production and distribution, it is also going to lead to new divisions of labour, and new patterns of social dependency. Yet this produces an inconsistency for the system. Continuous growth implies bigger markets for consumption, or increased rates of consump­ tion for the goods and services produced. There are, however, not only residual pockets of low-consumption potential (poverty) from the past, but fresh pockets being created in the present.

This philosophy of 'personal salvation’ effectively minimizes each individual’s responsibility to a community, except in so far as those who are considered to be members of that community gain membership by their own unaided efforts. Thus it comes about that the apparatus of the Welfare State, for example, has benefited the middle classes and main­ tained the distribution of power and resources at its previous level. Indeed, as a corollary of the fact that planning has not been an attem pt to recast society in any fundamental respect, it has become one of the mainstays of policy for both the established left and right in British politics.

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