Achoo!. The Most Interesting Book You'll Ever Read about by Trudee Romanek

Science Studies

By Trudee Romanek

Within the 5th Mysterious You booklet, Achoo!, little ones probe the secrets and techniques of sickness and sniff out what germs are, why they usually make us unwell, how bodies conflict them and the way vaccines guard us opposed to them.

This designated sequence explores the mysteries of the human physique utilizing a mixture of completely researched genuine info, extraordinary anecdotes and staggering try-it actions.

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He felt it was helping him get better, too. Eventually, Norman completely recovered from his sickness — he says, because of laughter. Not all doctors agree that laughter cured Norman Cousins, but some researchers have found that a hearty laugh can actually increase the germ-fighting cells in a person’s immune system. Future research may show that laughter can help keep sickness away and even help patients with long-term illnesses feel better. Mind over Matter A doctor has two very similar patients, equally sick and treated with the same medicines and procedures.

Place the bag in a warm, dark place and leave it for a week. 4. Check the bread. DO NOT OPEN THE BAG. See any green, furry-looking patches on your bread? If so, congratulations. You’ve just grown Penicillium mold. Have a good look, then throw the bread away, still sealed inside the bag. 35 Speedy Recovery In 1799, George Washington, the president of the United States, died of a cold — sort of. He caught a cold virus, and his doctors began working hard to “cure” him. They made Washington gargle with a mixture of molasses, vinegar and butter.

A vaccination gives your body a head start. The doctor injects fluid, called a vaccine, that contains bacteria or viruses of the sickness. The germs have been disabled — either killed, weakened or cut up into pieces — so that the vaccine won’t give you the illness. Once the germs are in you, your immune system can make its preparations. Then, if that sickness ever makes it into your body, your immune system’s ready. Today, there are more than 20 different vaccines to protect people, especially children, from viruses and bacteria that cause diseases such as polio, diphtheria, tetanus and mumps.

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