A Touch of Crimson (Renegade Angels, Book 1) by Sylvia Day


By Sylvia Day

Adrian Mitchell is a strong angel major an elite specified Ops unit of Seraphim. His job is to punish the Fallen-angels who've develop into vampires-and command a stressed pack of indentured lycans. yet Adrian has suffered his personal punishment for turning into concerned with mortals- wasting the lady he loves time and again. Now, after approximately 200 years, he has came upon her-Shadoe-her soul once again inhabiting a brand new physique, without reminiscence of him. And this time, he won't enable her pass.

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Serves them right, he thought. Death was the proper reward for failure. He closed his eyes and drew his arms and legs in close. This made him roll faster. He wanted to believe, after he smashed to bits on the canyon floor, that his soul would depart for some higher, better realm. If he could not be an angel, he could at least dwell among them for eternity. Death eluded him. As the canyon widened onto the adjacent plain, the sound of the wind in his ears changed pitch. He opened his eyes. For the duration of one heartbeat he saw the jagged walls of the canyon in bold relief—boulders, gravel, the odd wire grass that was the predominant growth on Rath—then it was all blotted out by a pall of blackness that swallowed him whole.

Would the rebel elves and their allies attack again? What of the moggs—would they obey their overseers without Volrath's authority to back them up? The tramp of heavy feet brought Dorian out of his gloomy reflections. Greven il-Vec descended the spiral ramp from the airship dock, followed by the remnants of his crew. Two crewmen carried a limp body between them, a young man clad in foreign clothes. " Dorian began, bowing hastily. " "Save the oil for someone who needs it," Greven said. He directed his men to lay the unconscious man on the floor.

Greven's normally sallow face darkened. Thompson time had come. Greven grasped the chain between Ertai's hands, and with little more than a shrug, snapped them in two. Ertai just stared in amazement. Greven did the same with his leg shackles, and the young wizard stood up for the first time in more than a day. "Many thanks, Captain. I was beginning to cramp—" "Shut up," Greven said. " ***** Ertai shuffled up the gangway, chains jingling as he went. He emerged on the main bridge. The sailors were trying to steer Predator with her tattered mainsails.

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