A New Arabic Grammar of the Written Language by J. A. Haywood, H. M. Nahmad


By J. A. Haywood, H. M. Nahmad

- the fundamental research advisor to Arabic grammar
-- a real vintage within the field.

In addition to Qur'an choices, fables, tales, newspaper extracts, letters, and excerpts from classical and smooth Arabic writings are incorporated. The e-book includes fifty two chapters with a vocabulary of over 4,000 words.

It will function a foundation for extra and deeper examine of this classical language and its literature; whilst it is going to support to shape an excellent origin in the event you desire to pay attention to the trendy written language of literature and the day-by-day press.

This is notably a pragmatic grammar. it truly is intended for the newbie who's no longer accustomed to the peculiarities of the Semetic languages. however, it really is finished sufficient for many scholars' wishes within the first or 3 years of analysis.

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