A History of Greek Philosophy, Volume 3, Part 1: The by W. K. C. Guthrie

Greek Roman

By W. K. C. Guthrie

The 3rd quantity of Professor Guthrie's nice heritage of Greek notion, entitled The Fifth-Century Enlightenment, offers in elements with the Sophists and Socrates, the most important figures within the dramatic and basic shift of philosophical curiosity from the actual universe to guy. every one of those components is now to be had as a paperback with the textual content, bibliography and indexes amended the place important in order that every one half is self-contained. The Sophists assesses the contribution of people like Protagoras, Gorgias and Hippias to the intense highbrow and ethical fermant in fifth-century Athens. They wondered the bases of morality, faith and arranged society itself and the character of information and language; they initiated an entire sequence of vital and carrying on with debates, and so they provoked Socrates and Plato to a big restatement and defence of conventional values.

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L e x i s are in D K , 1, n o . 37, and modern studies include W . D . A n d e r s o n , ' T h e I m p o r t a n c e o f tlir D a m o n i a n T h e o r y in Plato's T h o u g h t ' {ΤΑΡΑ, 1955 ; see also his b o o k Ethos and Educa­ tion in Greek Music and its review b y B o r t h w i c k in CR, 1 9 5 8 ) ; ch. 6 o f F. Lasserre, Pint, de hi miiui/ue; J. S. Morrison in CO, 1958, 204-6; H . John, ' D a s musikerziehende W i r k e n l'yiliugorutt' und D a m o n s ' {Das Altertum, 19Λ2). What is a Sophist ?

57) as an ad­ viser of Themistocles and of whom Plutarch writes in a passage of some interest for the development of the sophistic profession (Them. 2): 1 1 T i l e same w a s said b y Plutarch {Pericles 4) o f D a m o n , a Sophist w h o w a s a pupil o f I'rodicus and friend o f Socrates ( P l a t o , Laches I97d). H e w a s chiefly k n o w n as an authority on music but, says Plutarch, t h o u g h a leading Sophist and in fact the mentor o f Pericles in politics, he used his musical reputation to hide his δεινότη;.

Hdt. 862, speaks o f Herodotus reading his w o r k to the Athenians. T h u c . 1 . a i . 1 and 2 2 . 4 compares the effect o f hearing the w o r k o f logographers and hearing his o w n . (Nestle, VMiuL, 260 w i t h n. ) G o r g i a s fr. 8 D K . D K translate as if ό γ ά ρ τοι λόγοζ καθάττερ τ4 κήρυγμα w e r e simply τό γ ά ρ κήρυγμα. W h e t h e r this is due to inadvertence, or they intended t o impute the mention o f the λόγος to Clement, I d o not k n o w (they g i v e n o note on the passage), b u t the elaborate balance o f the clauses s h o w s that C l e m e n t is g i v i n g a verbatim extract from the rhetorician, and I sec n o reason to suppose that the simile is an importation o f his o w n .

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