A Grammar of Kalaallisut (West Greenlandic lnuttut) by Jerrold M. Sadock


By Jerrold M. Sadock

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4) such as Puisip neqitorpunga "I ate seal meat" (puisi=p niqE-tuq=Vunga) "seal=ERG meatconsume=IND/3s", the sequence (puisi=p niqE-) can be taken as a compound stem. But if this clause were introduced by a clitic like (+lu} "and", it could be suffixed to puisip, giving Puisillu neqitorpunga. This confirms the wordhood of puisip in this construction. 4 The conjunctional clitics are: (+lu) "and ", (+luunniit) "or ", and (+li) "but ". 5, clitics are positioned syntactically between phmses, either before the last of a series of conjoined phrases, or before each of a series of conjoined phrases.

West Greenlandic. London: Croom Helm. Kleinschmidt, S. 1851. 1968. Grammatik der gronlandischen Sprache mitteilweisem Ei11Schluss des Labradordialekts. Hildesheim: Georg Olms. Kleinschmidt, S. 1871. Den Gren/andske Ordbog. Copenhagen: Louis Kleins Bogtrykkeri. Kruse, Karl. 1969. iluliarssup atane. Copenhagen: Ministeriet for Gnmland. LanggArd, Karen. 1993. Inderivation afVerbalstammer. In Kultur- og Samfundsforslozing. Nuuk: llisrnatusarfik. Lynge, Hans. 1978. Nuuk: Nuumme pisartut erqaamasat. Nuuk: Kalaallit-nunaanni naqiterisitsisarfik.

To-APRT", though there is no overt nominalizer, and the very frequent suffix (-lik-) "one who/which has" behaves in the same way as (-qaq-Tuq-) "have-APRl.. , despite the Jack of a morphologically related noun incorporating suffix and the Jack of an overt nominalizer. 5 Since complex nominal modifiers are like the participles of noun incorporation structures, they include noun phrases as syntactic complements. has=ABS/s". 2 Verbal modifiers. The major division among verbal modifiers is between those that preserve the transitivity of the stem, adding an adverbial or modal sense, and those with more complex properties with respect to the several components of the grammar.

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