A chance for love: the World War II letters of Marian by Marian Elizabeth Smith, Eugene T. Petersen

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By Marian Elizabeth Smith, Eugene T. Petersen

In mid-February 1944 Marian Elizabeth Smith, a tender Wisconsin girl, met Marine Corps Lieutenant Eugene T. Petersen at the passenger educate, El Capitan, because it made its 42-hour run from la to Chicago. After a short acquaintance, he left the U.S. to hitch the 3rd Marine department on Guam and at last to participate within the conflict for Iwo Jima in February and March of 1945. The amassed letters in their next 18-month correspondence display a lot approximately wartime existence at domestic and in a foreign country. This correspondence represents a time tablet of present occasions as Smith and Petersen talk about Franklin Roosevelt, the United countries, internationalism, well known video clips, the French aviator and poet Antoine de St. Exupery, the cartoon Barnaby, and the frustrations of facing occasionally less-than-enlightened mom and dad. The lack of Marian's brother through the bombing of Ploesti, Rumania, in June 1944, introduced Petersen and Smith nearer jointly, and after hundreds of thousands of letters the "chance for romance" Marian had recommended early of their correspondence advanced right into a marriage that has continued for greater than part a century.

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It does seem that the ''old men" are going back to the old way of living, though. And the young people who are not too busy fighting seem to be either bewildered, as I am, or apathetic, as the majority here in Wittenberg are. Ye gods, are they dull! I saw "Tunisian Victory "the other night. ) Have you seen it? -British Ministry of Information film. In one sequence, Joe, the Britisher, goes sentimental about the Moroccan villagers returning to their homes. "I had a buddy killed the other day," he said, "and it made me mad.

Lucky you, if you are. As ever, Marian <><><><><><><><><><><><> Ten days later on the way to California I sent a picture postcard of the ''Santa Fe Streamliner Crossing Johnson's Canyon, Arizona" and wrote: "Hello Mari-anne, Been thinking of you as we go thru these scenic places that I didn't see last time. Quiet trip. " However, the United States Marine Corps didn't like "indefinite addresses," and it would be four months before this letter caught up with me. <><><><><><><><><><><><> Sunday Oct.

I made my views known on British imperialism and tried to see some good in our wartime allies, the Soviet Union, and the Chinese communists in their struggle with Chiang Kai-shek's Nationalist forces. I expounded on what my friends and I thought of the acting skills and other traits of Hollywood actors and actresses. I reviewed well-acted and intelligently directed movies, as well as blatant propaganda films with insipid war themes that were produced Page x less to paint an accurate picture of service life than to entertain the home front.

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