A Book on C by R. E. Berry, B. A. E. Meekings, M. D. Soren (auth.)

Women In History

By R. E. Berry, B. A. E. Meekings, M. D. Soren (auth.)

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Warnings to the Kings and Advice on Restoring Spain: A Bilingual Edition (The Other Voice in Early Modern Europe) (Spanish Edition)

In the course of a pivotal element in Spanish heritage, aristocrat Mar? a de Guevara (? –1683) produced amazing essays that appealed for robust management, protested political corruption, and demanded the inclusion of ladies within the court’s determination making. “Treaty” gave Philip IV sensible feedback for scuffling with the conflict opposed to Portugal and “Disenchantments” recommended the king-to-be, Charles II, on recommendations to elevate the country’s prestige in Europe.

Dr. Mary Walker: An American Radical, 1832-1919

A suffragist who wore pants. this can be simply the best of how Dr. Mary Walker is well-known within the fields of literature, feminist and gender stories, background, psychology, and sociology. maybe extra telling approximately her lifestyles are the phrases of an 1866 London Anglo-American occasions reporter, "Her unusual adventures, exciting stories, vital prone and very good achievements exceed whatever that glossy romance or fiction has produced.

The Brotherhood of Freemason Sisters: Gender, Secrecy, and Fraternity in Italian Masonic Lodges

From its lines in cryptic photographs at the greenback invoice to Dan Brown’s The misplaced image, Freemasonry has lengthy been probably the most romanticized mystery societies on the planet. yet an easy truth escapes such a lot depictions of this elite brotherhood: There are girls Freemasons, too. during this groundbreaking ethnography, Lilith Mahmud takes readers within Masonic inns in modern Italy, the place she observes the numerous ritualistic and fraternal bonds solid between ladies initiates of this elite and esoteric society.

Women's Equality, Demography and Public Policies: A Comparative Perspective

This learn assesses the comparison among regulations selling women's equality and the reversal of fertility decline. in response to comparative info from Canada, Australia, Britain and to a extra restricted quantity the USA, Alena Heitlinger examines the influence of significant overseas tools selling women's equality, and nationwide similarities and variations in women's coverage equipment, provision for maternity and childcare, financial suggestions for households with young children, and the prices and advantages of fertility-related measures vis-a-vis immigration-related measures.

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Thereafter, the function only makes reference to these local values. If assignment is made within the function body to one of the parameters, it will be the local copy that is changed, not the original. At first sight this seems to inhibit communication from the function to the caller via the parameter list. For C the way out is to use the address of the relevant data item. i i ptr *ptr In a high-level language it is not usually necessary to know or care about the address in memory of the data values that we wish to manipulate.

In passing we note that RatC uses neither print[ nor scan{ The only functions that it uses are those that will read or print characters. The rationale for this is easy to appreciate as RatC is meant to be able to compile itself. In order to do this the Rate compiler must be able to process correctly all function calls that appear in the text being processed. lt will be relatively easy to provide, as part of this library, functions that read a character or print a character, whereas print[ and scan[ will necessarily be much more complex.

E. ; break; case 1 : g=. D. ; break; case 2: g=. c. ; break; case 3: g=, B, ; break; case 4: g=. 5 l Decisions 43 The unexpected feature of this example is, perhaps, the break statement. When it is encountered it causes exit from the switch. 3 the first break were omitted, then having assigned 'E' to 'g' the next statement, which assigns 'D' to 'g', is executed. In other circumstances, as we shall see, we might wish to exploit this course of action. It is not appropriate to do so in this example - all the break statements, with the exception of the last, are essential.

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