71 Fun Projects and Crafts for Boys & Girls by Pustak Mahal

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By Pustak Mahal

One of the main fascinating how one can render your baby busy, this ebook by no means fails in conserving teenagers engaged with numerous varieties of paintings and craft enjoyable.

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Dino Facts NAME: Orodromeus ("mountain runner") GROUP: Hypsilophodontidae WHEN IT LIVED: Late Cretaceous WHERE IT LIVED: Montana SIZE: Small, exact length unknown NAME: Dryosaurus ("oak lizard," for teeth shaped somewhat like oak leaves) GROUP: Dryosauridae WHEN IT LIVED: Late Jurassic WHERE IT LIVED: Colorado, Wyoming, Utah; Tanzania, Africa SIZE: 12 feet long, 170 pounds The Hypsilophodontidae ("high-ridged teeth") resembled heterodontosaurids but were more advanced. Hypsilophodontids had strong jaws and teeth that overlapped to form a long cutting blade.

This group apparently branched off from the Saurischia sometime during the Late Triassic. All ornithischians had a horn-covered beak-like bone called a "predentary" at the front of the mouth, a useful tool for cropping vegetation. Ornithischians were herbivorous, and they ranged in size from the 4-foot long armored dinosaur Scutellosaurus to the 40-foot long duck-billed dinosaur Saurolophus. Some walked on their hind legs, some on all fours, some both. Most had flat cheek teeth at the sides and back of their mouths for chewing vegetation, and their pouchlike cheeks held food in their mouths as they chewed.

This small, sharp-toothed, fast-running hunter had a large, curved talon on the inner toe of each foot, a weapon for slashing prey. A relative of about the same size, Velociraptor, was found in Mongolia in the early 1920s. Both were vicious and dangerous hunters. But the best known dromaeosaurid is Deinonychus. Deinonychus had a long tail, which it held out stiffly behind its body with a bundle of bony rods. This tail kept its body balanced when it walked or ran. Deinonychus was also a capable hunterits eyesight was goodall the better to seek out its prey.

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