2nd Tactical Air Force, Vol. 2: Breakout to Bodenplatte, by Chris Thomas, Christopher Shores


By Chris Thomas, Christopher Shores

It's been greater than 30 years because the unique and hugely acclaimed heritage of second Tactical Air strength was once first released, and it's been lengthy out of print. Now finally, this publication is a totally rewritten and tremendously elevated account of this significant command's very important contribution to the Invasion of Normandy and the defeat of the forces of the 3rd Reich in Western Europe. The second TAF, built with rocket- and bomb-carrying Typhoons, Tempests, Spitfires, Mosquitos, Mustangs and medium bombers, flew ground-attack and tank-busting missions in help of Montgomery's twenty first military workforce because it complex via Normandy and northwest Europe in 1944-45. The medium bomber devices struck at enemy delivery, ammunition dumps, and communique ambitions. The 2d TAF comprised British, Canadian, Polish, Czech, Norwegian, French, South African, Australian, and New Zealand crews. This moment quantity covers the breakout from Normandy, the development around the Low nations, and the German ripostes within the Ardennes and Operation 'Bodenplatte' within the iciness that undefined.

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Movcd A-6 AM batteries into the Bekaa Valley to deter Israeli anacks on PLO and Syrian ba es, while rocket anacks on northern Israel continucd. Air banle over the Bekaa in defence of IDF/AF photo-Phantoms continued and the Syrians lost two MiG-23BMs on 21 April 1982 and a pair of MiG-21s on 26 May over Beirut. ensing another impending Syrian invasion of Lebanon, I rael mounted a mas ive armed occupation of Lebane e ports preceded by heavy air anack on terrorist headquarters and arms dumps. The invasion was slowed by the extensive AM batteri s in the Bekaa, including SA-2, A-3 and A-6 sites backed by oviet-manned ZSU-23 AAA.

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On arrival at the target the Eagles divided into three pairs to fly BARCAP at 20,000ft (6,100m) near Iraqi fighter bases around Baghdad, just as their USAF counterparts were to do a decade later. Saddam's fighters were taken by surprise. All Israeli aircraft returned intact with the Eagle pilots perhaps a little disappointed that they had met absolutely no opposition. This was also a matter of rather more sombre significance to the officers above the rank of Captain in the local area-defence Iraqi fighter units.

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