101 Quarterback Drills (Art & Science of Coaching) by Steve Axman


By Steve Axman

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Equipment Needed: One football per quarterback. Description: The quarterback executes one of his normal pass drop actions. On a signal by the coach, three randomly placed receivers, all tightly covered by pass defenders, break out in whatever fashion they wish from their man-to-man coverage and get open to receive a pass. The receivers act much as they would if they were in a touch football game in their efforts to get open and receive a pass. The quarterback must locate an open, or the most open, receiver and drill him with a quickly released, accurate pass.

On deep streaks, post-corners and over-the-top posts, the quarterback should be sure to follow through to the zenith (highest) point of the pass to get the football to properly turn over, nose down, as it descends to the receiver. Page 46 Drill #37: Outside Streak Pass Drill Objective: To isolate the ability to practice and execute the outside streak pass route. Equipment Needed: Six footballs; lined field. Description: Off of three-, five- or seven-stepped timed throws (depending on the offense used), the quarterback practices deep outside streak pass throws to his wide receivers.

Each drill offers a terrific tool for teaching a particular attribute of quarterback play. Every drill is designed to be employed by coaches at all competitive levels. To the extent that 101 Quarterback Drills helps you maximize the inherent abilities of your players and improve the on-the-field performance of your team, then the time and effort necessary to write this book will have been well worthwhile. Page 9 Chapter 1 Passing Drills Page 10 Drill #1: Warm up Throw Drill Objective: To warm up all body parts for the actual passing/throwing motion, especially the passing arm.

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